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WCSSF is the Western Cape Sport Shooting Federation. WCSSF is affiliated to the South African Practical Shooting Association (SAPSA).Practical shooting is a sport which challenges one's ability to shoot accurately, with speed, using a full-power handgun, rifle, or shotgun.


WCSSF Open Day - Click here for more details
Date:15 September 2018 - 10h00-16h00
Venue: CPPC, de Waal drive, Cape Town( Click here for directions to the venue)


Western Cape Sport Shooting Federation (WCSSF) (previously WPPSA), would like to appeal to all sport shooters and gun owners alike to donate to Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA ).

GOSA stands for upholding the rights of legal firearm owners. They have been instrumental in protecting and asserting the rights of law abiding firearm owners. This however does involve a significant amount of money for court cases, legal fees, etc. Their latest case involves objecting to situations where firearm owners licenses have expired; and those firearm owners are not allowed to renew their license, and were instructed to hand in their firearms for destruction.

There are various ways to contribute, including WCSSF trying make it easy and convenient for their members to contribute. Should you wish to contribute, you may do so in the following ways:

  1. CASH OPTION - Bring your donation to any official WCSSF match (currently, the next match will be the handgun champs taking place on 03 and 04 December 2017 at CPPC). Any amount welcome;
  2. EFT to GOSA OPTION - Make a direct EFT to GOSA (refer to their website for banking details – it would be appreciated if you could inform WCSSF of these as well. Please bear in mind the cost of the EFT when using this option, to ensure GOSA can benefit from your EFT;
  3. WCSSF/WPPSA ONLINE OPTION – Using the same process as you do for Match Registrations, go to the WCSSF website ( and select Match Registration, and contribute by “Registering for the Match”. Due to costs, minimum donations of R100 are only allowed using this method. WCSSF will combine members contributions, and pay it to GOSA.

Your contribution will help make a difference. Please support this initiative, and donate generously.We further encourage all to join GOSA as members.



Upcoming matches:

Course of Fire (CoF) will be loaded once available.

  • Handgun : 18 February 2017 (Range: CPPC, de Waal drive, Cape Town)
  • 3-Gun : 19 February 2017 (Range: CPPC, de Waal drive, Cape Town)
Registration for handgun and 3Gun matches close approximately 10 days before match date. Please register online before closing date! Only payments made via PayFast will be accepted

Need to know how to register for a Match? See Quick Access menu for a link to a document which will guide you 

Fundraising shoots

Click here for more info on Fundraising shoots

The first fundraising event shall be a WPPSA Fundraising shoot

Where: Cape Practical Pistol Club

Type: Handgun

Number of stages: 8

Number of rounds: On the day (Come with 200, because you can shoot the stages as many times as you like)

Scoring: Shoot as many times as you like, but only first one scores.

Entry Fee: R60.00

First shot fired: 11am (depending how early the stages are built)

Registration: Just rock up, register , enter any detail to shoot, However that detail should have a qualified RO

Development: Opportunity for clubs to use these shoots as part of development




What is Western Province Practical Shooting Association (WPPSA)?

WPPSA organises and controls amateur practical shooting in the Western Province region of South Africa. WPPSA affiliates clubs and individual competitors to the national practical shooting body (SAPSA). We organise several provincial trials every year, as well as the Western Province champs toward the end of each year. In addition we sanction several inter-club competitions during the year. We conduct training courses for Range and Safety Officers, and hold development clinics for new shooters. WPPSA is run by councilers nominated by our member clubs (see the Constitution for details). The executive committee (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer) are responsible for administrative affairs of the council. Exco members do not have voting rights on the council.

For a list of WPPSA Officers please refer to the Contact us page.

How to join

First you need to join one of our affiliated clubs. Most clubs welcome visitors, so it is a good idea to try several clubs before deciding to join. Consider the facilities, the distance you need to travel, assistance for entry-level competitors etc. Once you have joined an affiliated club, speak to the club's councilor about joining WPPSA. Your affiliation fee for WPPSA will include affiliation to SAPSA. We recommend that you also join the South African Gun-owners Association (SAGA).
Fees: 1 Jan 2016- 31 Dec 2016 (subject to change without notice)
SAPSA Member Affiliation R 750
SAPSA Family Membership (juniors until 18 years) TBA
WPPSA Member Affiliation R 250
WPPSA Club Affiliation TBA
WPPSA League Shoot (handgun) - approx fee per shoot R 170
WPPSA League Shoot (3-gun) - approx fee per shoot R 130